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Galapagos Islands. For many tourists the common question about Galapagos islands is where are the Galapagos Islands , galapagos islands animals, Galapagos islands species, how to travel to Galapagos islands, hotels , cruises , promotions , tour packages , galapagos tours , galapagos cruises , ecuador flights , trips to the Galapagos islands. This is your galapagos travel guide here you will find answers in
Galapagos cruises, for lovers of nature is ideal to visit the Galapagos islands, choose a Galapagos Tours. Galapagos Islands cruise is the main alternative to travel and see this wonder of the world The Galapagos islands. A Galapagos cruise is the combination of a ocean voyage in peace and show the adventure of discovering exotic wildlife and see some of the most spectacular natural phenomena that exist in the natural world on the same trip!, making your Galapagos tour aboard a cruise around the Galapagos Islands are an unforgettable galapagos vacations.
Take one of our Galapagos Cruises in a dream trip through the Enchanted Islands in one of the Galapagos yachts that we have selected OR Take one of our Galapagos Land Tours and enjoy the wonders of Galapagos islands as its landscapes, pristine beaches, and flora and fauna, while staying at one of the hotels in Galapagos already selected.
Also you can make the perfect combination: one of our Galapagos Tours Galapagos Cruises with one of our Ecuador tours or Ecuador extensions. Choose for your holidays, a Galapagos vacation package all inclusive, we will advise you.

cruises islands deals
Galapagos Islands Cruises Last Minute Deals:
galapagos travel deals Nemo II: Promo TKT inc
2-9 Nov $2.650
9-16 Nov $2.650
16-23 Nov $2.650
23-30 Nov $2.650
7-14 Dec $2.650
14-21 Nov $2.650
galapagos islands M/C Anahi deals
Galapagos last minute deals

galapagos travel deals M/S The Beagle
4-11 Nov/ NW/ $2050
11-18 Nov/ SE/ $2050
18-25 Nov/NW/$ 2.250
25-2 Dec/ SE/ $2.250
2-9 Dec/ NW/ $2.250
9-16 Dec/ SE/ $2.450
16-23 Dec/NW/ $2.550
30-6 Jan/ NW/ $ 4.330
6-13 Jan/ SE/ $2.850
13-20 Jan/NW/ $2.950
tours in galapagos islands Yolita II deals
30-2 Nov/ Iti:B4/ $750
2-7 Nov/ Iti:A/ $1.850
13-16Nov/Iti:B4/ $750
27-30Nov/Iti: B4/$750

galapagos minute last Estrella de Mar
Galapagos Cruises last minute deals
tours in galapagos islands S/S Cachalote
Galapagos cruises deals
galapagos last minute S/S Mary Anne
Itinerary West
Special Price
galapagos cruises last minute M/S Samba
4-11 Nov /NW/$ 1.950
11-18 Nov/ SE/ $2050
25-2 Dec/ SE/ $3.350
9-16 Dec/ SE/ $2.250
16-23 Dec /NW/ 3.350

galapagos last minute M/Y Beluga
31 Oct - 7 Nov
21-28 Nov; 28 Nov-5 Dec. Special last minute deals

galapagos last minute M/Y Darwin Yacht
30-6 Nov $2.040 (tkt)
30-2 Nov $1.350 (tkt)
2-6 Nov $1.800 (tkt)
galapagos last minute Archipell I Catamaran
Nov & 2 first departures of Dec
8D/7N $ 2.500
5D/4N $ 1.550
4D /3N $ 1.400
galapagos last minute Millennium Catamaran
3-7 Nov/Iti: E/ $ 1.675
5-12 Nov/Iti:A/$ 2.540
7-12 Nov/Iti:C/ $1.850
17-21 Nov/E/ $1.675
19-26 Nov/A/ $2.540
21-26 Nov/ C/ $1.900
galapagos last minute Galapagos land tours deals
Nov20-25 (5d/4n) $834
Dec 14 - 19 (6d/5n) $951
galapagos last minute Galapagos islands hopping deals
Nov 10 - 14 (5d/4n) $742
Nov 16 - 20 (5d/4n) $742
Nov 15 - 18 (4d/3n) $691
galapagos last minute Galapagos land trips last minute
Nov 4-11 (8d) $ 1.265
Nov 7-12 (6d) $ 839
Nov 10-14 (5d) $742
Nov 16-20 (5d) $742
Nov 15-18 (4d) $691
Nov 18-21 (4d) $ 691
Dec 05-09 (5d) $742
Dec 14-19 (6d) $839
Dec 22-26 (5d) $742
Dec 25-29 (5d) $742
27-Jan 01 (6d) $839

Nov 20-25 (5d) $834
Dec 14-19 (6d) $951

galapagos islands M/Y Aida Maria deals
Galapagos last minute cruises deals

galapagos islands M/Y Eden deals
Galapagos last minute cruises deals

Galapagos Travel Information:

Galapagos Diving - Galapagos Underwater Secrets

In the world there are many scuba diving destinations like the Red Sea, Caribbean, Australia, Indonesia, Mozambique, and many more dive sites, but the Galapagos Islands is the most complete site. The Galapagos has no coral reefs as the main attraction, but in Galapagos diving and you can see a huge variety of animals or maybe go unnoticed along with dozens of hammerhead sharks, manta rays and sea turtles. This makes diving in Galapagos is full of secrets to discover.

The top 5 dive destinations in the Galapagos:

  • Darwin y Wolf
  • El Leon Dormido
  • Gordon Rocks
  • Floreana
  • Seymour Norte - North Seymour
  • Read More details>>

Galapagos Cruises - Itineraries & Lengths

Since 2012, according to new regulations of the Galapagos National Park, all Galapagos Cruises have been regulated and adapted to the cruise itinerary approved by the Galapagos National Park. The aim of regulation is to minimize the effect of tourism in the Galapagos. So the cruise itinerary is designed to offer travelers the best experience in Galapagos. (testimonials)

When you plan your trip to galapagos the most important factor for final descicion is compare cruise itineraries.
The tour boat that offers the widest range of diversity is appropriate. This great itinerary it will show the evolution in action you can witness how these animals are evolving and testifying Darwin's theory of evolution. Other tourists prefer to see the evolution of wildlife among the galapagos islands.
In each region of the Galapagos are identified by their geological features and wildlife, many Galapagos islands have their own endemic wildlife - species. Within the Galapagos archipelago the islands can be divided into four different areas. West, South, North and Central.
You can visit our link Galapagos islands information and checking the itinerary can help you choose the galapagos cruise.

Therefore, all galapagos cruises, galapagos yachts, motor yachts galapagos, galapagos sailing, so all boats will be on a 15-days rotation period. Therefore a galapagos islands cruise will visit a different site each day over a 2-week period.

This new alternative the longer 15-day Galapagos cruise is a fantastic way to see most of the islands. It depends if you have enough time to travel and your budget; shorter galapago cruises are a good option.

When you planning your trip, according your galapagos cruise you can choose between 3-days and 15-days in the Galapagos. Before the new regulation was the ideal Galapagos tour for 8-day Galapagos Cruise is still available, many tourists have been replaced by the new 6-day cruise this option is increasingly popular.

When to go Galapagos Islands. And take a Galapagos cruise

Visit Galapagos you can do any time of year. We must choose the time. The Galapagos Islands have two distinct seasons. From December to June is the best summer for diving and from June to December is the coldest season best for wildlife viewing. It should check the conditions of air temperature, sea temperature, etc..
This is an informational tool that will help you in your planning.

Galapagos weather, Temperatures per month (in degrees Fahrenheit)

Average Sea Temp
Average Rainfall (inches)
Max air temp
Min air temp

Galapagos Cruises - Comfort & Sizes

When choosing a cruise galapagos comfort is very important. You have to think about: galapagos cruise size, galapagos ship stability, services, food, commodities, securities, crew, etc..

In galapagos islands you find yachts and cruise ships carrying 100 passengers or less. For many tourists a 100-passenger cruise ship can be a small boat. In Galapagos, the average number of persons aboard ship is 16 passengers. The explanation is easy, has direct relation to the fragile environment in Galapagos. The small cruise galapagos have less impact on the environment.

Galapagos cruises by sizes:
Galapagos cruises sizes can be classified into three categories based on the number of passengers on board.
Small Galapagos Cruises
Mid-sized Galapagos Cruises
Galapagos cruise ships.

You can find other classifications of Galapagos cruises, depends on the characteristics of the vessels, may be:

Galapagos cruises by category:
Galapagos Cruises Ships or Galapagos big ships.
High-end Boats or Galapagos Luxury Yachts.
First Class Boats or First Class Yachts.
Mid-range Boats or Superior Tourist Yachts.
Budget-priced Boats or Galapagos Economical Boats.
  Galapagos cruises by type of boat:
Galapagos Cruises Ships.
Galapagos Luxury Catamarans.
Galapagos Diving Yachts.
Galapagos Sailing Yachts.
Galapagos Motor Yachts.

Galapagos cruises by passenger capacity:
12 to 15 Passengers aboard; 16 Passengers aboard
Over 18 Passengers aboard


Galapagos cruises by your budget:
ranging from: $ 800 - $ 1,000; $ 1,001 - $ 1,500; $ 1,501 - $ 2,000; $ 2,000 +


We invited you to enjoy your vacation in the Galapagos Islands aboard the boat can be a Galapagos cruise ships, Galapagos motor yacht, Galapagos sailboat, Galapagos catamaran, you choose according to your budget, according to your preferences, according to the capacity of the boat. We made a pre-selection based on comfort, security, reputation and itineraries for your visit to the Galapagos islands aboard the ship, is unforgettable. All of the Galapagos Islands Cruises are divided into five catagories:

Galapagos Luxury Cruises

14 passengers
Luxury Cruises
The 100-foot dive boat Galapagos Aggressor I , was specially designed for cruising the Galapagos archipelago in style
More information »
Check availability »
Athala Catamaran
16 passengers
Luxury Cruises
The comfortably furnished lounge and dining areas, as well as the seven double staterooms are spacious
More information »
Check availability »
Eric & Sisters
20 passengers
Luxury Cruises
One of the most stylish
motor vessels in the Galapagos
More information »
Check availability »
Coral I
20 passengers
Luxury Cruises
One of the best equipped
motor vessels in the Galapagos
More information »
Check availability »
Boat not in service
One of the most exquisite
sailing vessels in the Galapagos
More information »
Check availability »
Galapagos Sky
16 passengers
Luxury Cruises
One of the most exquisite
sailing vessels in the Galapagos
More information »
Check availability »
Galapagos Tours : Galapagos Land based tours or Galapagos Islands Hopping

The Galapagos tours such us Galapagos land tours is an alternative for a memorable experience in the Galapagos Islands. Tourists in the Galapagos land based tour or Galapagos Islands Hopping staying at the hotel selected and agree to the category of tour you choose, and travel the day visiting the islands of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Floreana, Isabela.
In these Hotel based Galapagos tours options you can enjoy the best of the islands and unforgettable landscapes, active volcanoes, flora, fauna endemic such as Galapagos sharks, blue footed boobies, sea lions, marine iguanas, sea turtles, Galapagos tortoises and the full marine life. These tours are very affordable and can be tailored according to your itinerary. Convenient to start every day as the start Baltra (4-5-6 days tour) or San Cristobal (8 days tour) depending on the type of program you choose. See the program that suits your requirements.

Economic Class
Tourist Class
Tourist Superior
First Class


If want to know what fits in with your budget, schedule and personal interests, fill out our simple trip planner form and our agents will prepare a complementary, sample travel itinerary to help you get started

Ecuador Extensions

Main Land Tours :

Quito City Tour
Quito By night
Quito City Tour and Equiatorial Monument.
Equiatorial Monument - Middle of the world
Jachigua Folkloric Ballet
City tour & museum or Capilla del Hombre
Quito Reality (Half day)
Quito Reality + the equator (Full day)
Nono Cloud Forest.
Otavalo tour market.
Mindo Cloud Forest
Mindo Nature (Full day)
Mindo Adventure (Full day)
Cotopaxi Volcano tour.
Cotopaxi national park & hacienda
Papallacta hot spring & spa.
The city Baños
City tour in Cuenca
Excursions to the Ingapirca Ruins
Excursions to the Cajas National Park.
Excursions to Gualaceo & Chordeleg.
The Avenue of the volcanoes.
Guayaquil city tour
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